Peritoneal dialysis machines improve patients’ life.

Liberty Select Cycler

RTR System looks after your machine.


RTR System makes things easier for the engineers.


15% of the U.S. adult population is affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Patients can depend highly on PD machines because:

  • Cycles run throughout nights
  • Treatments are needed for the rest of patients‘ life expectancy

Real-Time Reliability System

Why choose RTR?

RTR system monitors the status of in-home dialysis machines, secures patients’ safety, and reduces the costs of after-sale maintenance.

What Problems RTR Solves?

Highly Dependent

The complexity and privacy concerns hinder in-home PD machines from being professionally monitored. The abnormality detection and report depend highly on the patients or users

Avoidable Cost

The conventional after-sale services involve transportation of the machines, which is time-consuming and costly to the company.

Time Consuming 

After the PD machine is transported back to the company, the engineers spend a significant amount of time pairing the device with its record and user reports.

Lack History Record

The checking and repairing processes lack systematic tracking of individual components.

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